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ChiselCraft Timber Frame Company is passionate about connections:
to place, people, community, and land.

Our Story:


ChiselCraft Timberframe Co. was established in 2004 by Todd Rothe in northern Wisconsin, where it continues to thrive today.

Sean was introduced to timber framing in 2001 when he was recruited to help build a reclaimed Douglas Fir timber frame and discovered his connection to the craft. Soon after in 2003, he was hired by Swiftsure Timberworks; a small, professional timber frame company in southern Oregon where he truly learned what it was to be a carpenter and began his journey as a timber framer.

In the summer of 2005, Sean returned back to the Chequamegon Bay region. By the end of 2006 Sean joined his friend Todd Rothe in a partnership in the ChiselCraft company. ChiselCraft started with small custom building projects, honing their skills and eventually expanded their knowledge about whole house building and its many systems. Sean took over the company as the sole owner in 2015.  


Sean spends a great deal of time making connections with homeowners and other contractors, building relationships with local sawyers, working closely with the designers, and sourcing local materials as much as possible to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. A sense of place, a sense of community, and connection to the land and its people: all of these are channeled into Sean’s work and every ChiselCraft home and project. 


Timber framing is the perfect choice for custom home building in Northern Wisconsin. We are proud to be able to use sustainably harvested and recycled wood products, as well as support our local sawyer to provide a more authentic product.


ChiselCraft is not just a timber frame company. We incorporate post and beam, log and green building methods wherever it can best suite our customers. With our unique skills and diversity in what we offer we can achieve the highest satisfaction for craftsman and customer alike. We are craftsmen who feel passionate about the work we produce and are honored to be a part of history in the making.


ChiselCraft strives to achieve the highest quality craftsmanship through a spirit of honest labor. The ChiselCraft crew is a collective of diverse and skilled professionals. All of these individually combined talents help to create and complete each detailed, long-lasting, high-quality building project. 

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